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The Blue One Jewelry is an eclectic, global alchemy created from my personal collection of antique silver, semi-precious stones, hand-blown glass, ceramic, bone and fiber. Colors range from softly muted earth hues to intense, sparkling jewel tones. Each one-of-a kind piece combines objects from different cultures: antique Ethiopian silver with frosted glass; hammered Thai brass with polished, translucent Czech carnelian; rough river stones with Tibetan silver, or hammered African brass with incised amber from the Baltic Sea.

Beads are the most intimate and ancient of human artifacts. Each little perforated piece is the product of individual artisans, involving long, laborious processes. Many hands from many lands have crafted the elements I use. As I begin each new piece I invoke the skills of these anonymous craftspeople to guide me, silently blessing those who so skillfully crafted the gems and metals that enable me to create a new visual and symbolic synergy.

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